Wealth Management

In today’s unpredictable and volatile market conditions, your investment portfolio requires constant monitoring, assessing and rebalancing. The demand made on your time and energy from other aspects of your life may not leave you with the capacity to attend to your investment portfolio with the degree of care you deem appropriate.

Here at MSR Capital, we understand your needs and concern, we offer personalize portfolio management services that fits your specified needs. We will structure an investment plan that suits your risk and return profile. In other words, we manage your wealth as you would.

Brokerage Services

MSR Capital is a licensed brokerage house. We are authorized and regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) License number# XXXXXX and are subjected to a strict and compliant regime.

Our very own in-house brokerage trading platform provides for clients and traders alike who desire a more hands on approach to managing their wealth. We provide all the tools and customer support necessary for our clients to achieve their investing objectives.


M-Trade, our very own in-house trading platform allows our clients to access a wide range of investment products across the globe. We have strategically partnered with Interactive Brokers, one of the largest electronic brokers in the industry for our execution, clearing, settlement and custodial needs. The M-Trade mobile application allows you to trade in the world’s market and access your portfolio on the go.

MTrade Pay

MTrade Pay

The processing arm of M-Trade, M-Trade Pay simplifies the investing process by managing all the administrative tasks of M-Trade, so you can focus on your investing. We know the frustrations and hurdles towards setting up even a basic trading account. We handle all the administrative and regulatory requirements so that any eligible individual can access the world markets with ease. M-Trade Pay allows for the simple deposit and withdraws of funds so that you can enjoy your earnings right away. Our mobile first approach ensures that our users can enjoy potential financial gain anytime, anywhere, right on their smart devices.

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